Saturday, April 7, 2012


I remember these days.
Glorious morsels of human food.
All with different tastes and textures unlike my twice daily prison ration of kibble.
But I overdid it and now i'm chubby and they won't feed me anymore.
The chubbiness I don't mind, because like i've mentioned before some guys like 'em thick.
It's the dullness of the kibble that drives me to insanity.
I wish someone would just give me a cookie already.
I'm on a diet.

I really need to focus on my art right now. (Sigh)

Or this. This is okay too.


  1. Come on over Sesame. I've got jelly beans!

  2. You poor thing. Starving you like that. I am off to call PETA, or not.