Thursday, April 5, 2012


So far today has been a good day!
Two of my favorite humans, He Who Feeds Me Lots Of Treats and She Who Cleans came for a visit!
I call them Treats and Clean.
These two come every other week to take away all the good smells in the house. Pff, humans.
I get really excited when they come because Treats always gives me cookies, while poor Clean is doing most of the work.
It's ok though, because I get cookies.
While they were here all my humans left me and came back a few days later.
Or weeks.
Or seconds.
I'm a dog. I have no concept of time.
What is time?

So while I was home alone, I did what every dog does while the humans are away.

I sat.


  1. haha I sat... I wonder what my dogs do when she who cleans comes...
    No concept of time can be a good ting,. It makes a trip to the mailbox such a happy occasion when you come back in.

  2. Sesame, you've got it made girlfriend. That's the life!